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Cookies are small files, containing information, used by many websites and stored on the computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device of the visitor. Cookies, if used correctly, are useful to improve surfing on the Internet, for example to store certain preferences of the visitor and use them at the next access.


This site is a little personal blog, so I am committed to using the fewest possible cookies. The site has no advertising and I’m not interested in gathering statistical data about visitors. The social media share buttons do not collect information, the plugin WP Social Sharing does not use cookies. YouTube videos do not use cookies because they are shared via

On all pages there is the cookie: __cfduid. This is a third-party cookie, persistent and necessary. This cookie is set by CloudFlare service, a service used to protect the site. This cookie does not store information about visitors.


To know how to disable, delete or manage cookies I suggest you read the support page of your browser:


I do not care to collect visitor data and I try to be careful about cookies on the site. Many WordPress plugins use third-party cookies to collect information, I try not to use such intrusive plugins. If you see cookies that should not be there, I invite you to send me an e-mail to: